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Partner Farms

Burr’s Place

What started twenty years ago with a few plants, a dream, and a dog named Burr has since evolved into the passionate crew of family, friends and Cannabis cultivators known collectively as Burr’s Place.

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada is a place where a dedication to agricultural excellence and sustainability has existed and prevailed against the ever-changing winds of Cannabis prohibition and legalization.

Burrs Place homegrown artistry is impossible to ignore and spans the full-spectrum of Burr’s Place flower – from seed to sun to smoke. They tend the land, cultivate the Cannabis, process and package the flower and self-distribute to their ever-increasing base of enthusiastic Burr’s Place clientele.

By working tirelessly to inform, educate and defy stereotypes surrounding Cannabis consumption, Burr’s Place has established itself as the foremost producer of single-source Cannabis in California. They believe that the quality of their products – and their efforts – are the most effective means of promoting & marketing their ever-expanding line of packaged and pre-rolled sun-grown flower.

Burr’s Place continues to earn the respect of both connoisseurs and collaborators alike. They’re famous for asking themselves one crucial question of every strain produced; “would I spend my hard-earned money to smoke this flower?” If the answer isn’t a resounding “yes!” then it goes straight back to the earth.

While the individual yields and potency percentages of their products isn’t the first priority, their established regenerative farming techniques continue to yield Cannabis with the most complex terpene profiles & the highest total cannabinoid percentages found in the country.

Burrs Place is thrilled to call Mountain Ranch their home, proud of their employees & collaborators and honored to provide enthusiasts with the finest quality Cannabis available. Taste the love, tag them at #LOVEFORBURRS & enjoy responsibly.

OG Gardens is proud and honored to be a Burs Place collaborative partner. Helping to bring you some of the finest sun grown cannabis on earth.

Instagram: @BurrsPlace  |  Website:  |  Mountain Ranch, CA
License: CCL20-0000643, CCL20-0000668, C11-0001542-LIC

ZenCo Greaux

Hempin’ ain’t easy – but we’re proud to call it our passion.

Few know this, but long ago – before automobiles, Reefer Madness and reckless government interference – our industrious Kentucky forebears had established themselves as the true ‘Pioneer-Cultivars’ of both industrial and medicinal CBD Hemp Flower.

ZenCo Greaux was founded by legacy Kentucky cultivators – operating on those respected principles-of-the-past – and has emerged as a modern beacon of holistic healthcare by producing quality products for conscientious CBD-enthusiasts.

Their generational passion for agricultural excellence is evident in everything they produce. They’ve always employed regenerative farming techniques in their CBD Hemp Flower cultivation because they know they’ll produce the most pure and potent products. Today – and tomorrow.

They are proud to provide their customers with quality CBD Hemp Flower products at affordable prices – so everyone can experience and embrace the benefits of natural healing.

OG Gardens is proud and honored to team up with ZenCo Greaux to source and bring you some of the best terpene laden, most natural CBD hemp flower available on the market today.

ZenCo Greaux. Know when to slow-your-roll. Please enjoy responsibly.

Fisherville, KY
Hemp Growers License: 21_2355

Lost Sol Farms

Lost Sol Farms was OG Garden’s first and flagship partner. They create clean, licensed, high quality cannabis products for all to enjoy.

They themselves are connoisseurs and strive to create superior flowers with unique exotic terpene profiles from their home base in one of the world’s premiere agricultural regions, Sonoma County, California.

Integrity and sustainability are amongst their top core values mirrored directly in the creation of their products. They only use top colas for their packaged flower, and always use fresh immediately frozen flower for their concentrates to bring you the most flavorful experience possible.

Lost Sol Farms and OG Gardens collaborate to bring you…………The Real Sonoma Aroma.

Sonoma County, CA
License: CCL20-0002624